Saturday, August 29, 2009

Ok....Seriously....Who thought this was a good idea.

How PETA is not knocking down Aubrey O'day's door is beyond me. I mean don't get me wrong when I was little we had a poodle that would get her nails painted and bows in her hair from the groomer....but never a dye job. I've seen these pictures posted for a few days and the more I look at them the more they disturb me.

First off who does this? I mean really ... I know its cute to be famous and have your little pup sticking its head out of your purse and to some extent I get it. But seriously this.... WTF...What do you do wake up in the morning...look in the mirror....and say "Something's missing"....wander around all morning and then it hits you. "OH YEAH!!! My dog doesn't match this outfit." And do you have this done in your home or do you actually pay someone to do this for you??

I think I would love to see the persons face when this cute shy puppy enters their establishment...shaking from the strategically called paparazzi flash bulbs outside (bc mama needs to milk every last second of her 15 min of fame). Only to be handed over with a handful of swatches. I mean I kind of envision the old commercials Home Depot use to run where the lady walks in with a giant purple walrus and says ..."Can you match this".

Poor puppy - this really just reconfirms my belief that some people shouldn't be allowed to have pets. And seriously if this is what she does to a dog....could you imagine if she had a kid?!?!

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Why Don't I have A Good Feeling About This..

Yes I am all for saving the world from second hand smoke...As well as I also believe that it is a person's choice what they put in their body. I have watched over the years as one by one the states across the country have decided to ban smoking in bars and restaurants and even hotels. Raleigh itself even has quite a few smoke free hotels.

Year after year NC has tried to pass smoking bans and time after time they have failed. Why you may ask....Let me explain, growing up here across the street was a giant tobacco farm, even now grown up , married, and moved away - I still can see tobacco fields. Every year the road to my neighborhood is littered with leaves that have fallen off trucks on their way to the curing houses. Well yesterday NC made a bold move and the State Senate and House passed a smoking ban in bars and restaurants state wide. Normally this wouldn't bother me but as an added little bump in the legislation a fine program has been added to the bill. If signed there would be a $50 fine per offense. Which will probably make me bankrupt since my husband's favorite bar is also his favorite place to smoke and entire pack of cigarettes in one night.

Pray for me..

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

I'm a Fan....but Damn!!

OK so while scoping out one of the million Twilight fan sites a few months ago I came across an article that to this day still has me scratching my head. It was mentioned again today which was what got me to thinking ( a dangerous habit for me....but oh well) Someone has taken the first installment of the Twilight Saga and broken it down to help college bound juniors and seniors break down the complicated vocabulary that is Stephenie Meyers Twilight.

Now if you haven't read the books, please don't let this discourage you. I promise you don't have to be a member of MENSA to understand what is going. Having said that if you have read the books you are probably asking the same question I did..."WHAT THE HELL?? - How complex was the vocabulary that it A) needs to be broken down and B) has a shot of appearing at any point in the near future on the SAT and being the deciding factor on whether or not you make it into college.

Quite possibly the best response to the original post came from a very dear friend of mine...who upon learning of this took to the boards to post her take on this educational masterpiece.


chapter 1.....glowering.....murmured......
chapter 2.......glowered......murmuring
chapter 3......glower......murmur
chapter 4....vampire......glowered....murmured
chapter 5.....blood....vampire.....glowering...murmuring
chapter 6.....absurd......blood....vampire.....glower....murmur
chapter 7.....obtuse......absurd......blood....vampire.....glowered.....murmured

Gosselin Addition - It's the New Math

Trying to understand the phenomenon that has become the Jon and Kate Plus 8 or is it 9 or 10 these days?! I'm so confused (did I mention I suck at math)

The caption to this pic on is .. 'Jon & Kate...What am I missing?'....well thats a list I can help you add bout we lead off with BRAIN CELLS!!!

How do you read for the second time in months that your husband is suspected of having an affair and immediately take to the media outlets with such dramatic statements as "we are dealing with this privately" ... I'm sorry did you just say on Larry King you are working this out privately?? If so...(and blame it on the peroxide...) but I'm thinking your ass should be at home and not on CNN, GMA and Today talking about how you're not going to talk about it...But the moment someone stated that she might have dabbled in the same grey area the claws came out and she went on the defensive.

Has anyone given any thoughts to the 8 innocent children in the middle of the era of technology do you not think that in a few years they won't google themselves and find all this crap?!? I mean there is a full camera crew in the house 24x7.

And why is this news worthy at all....this should have totally been a flash in the pan. Why should I be forced to care that a man who is berated every week by his wife decided to have a little fun.